How All-on-4 is a Recommended Solution for Tooth Loss

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All-on-4® implants are an ever-growing trend due to their permanence and ease. Many people struggle with temporary tooth solutions such as dentures, as they can slide around and need frequent resizing. All-on-4 implants are completed by inserting posts into the jawbone and replacing all teeth. Before attempting to get surgery for the implants, there are certain things to be aware of and discuss with your dentist.

Bone density and implants

To have a successful surgery, you must have enough bone mass to complete the procedure. This is mainly because the implants will be going onto your jawbone, which needs to support the implant. Some dentists can restore or regenerate bone using additives. Your provider can look at your bone structure and density through imaging techniques typically done before surgery to ensure it has a high chance of success.

It’s important to note that those lacking multiple teeth may have some weakness in their jawbone. This is because it is not being used as it usually would through chewing and eating. If there is a lack of bone density, typically, a bone graft is considered. 

Bone grafts 

A bone graft is a restoration procedure that replaces bone in your jaw. This eventually merges and grows to become a completely integrated piece of your bone. There are a few different types of bone grafts, such as autografts, allografts, alloplasts, and ceramic-based grafts. Typically, the autograft is used. Autografts are bone from a human donor that has undergone a rigorous process to ensure it is free from harmful chemicals or diseases.

A bone graft may be needed for patients seeking implants but do not have the support required in their current bone structure. Things that can contribute to weakening the jaw include missing teeth, trauma, genetic disposition, disease, and age. This procedure is typically done by a periodontist or oral surgeon and will be suggested to you during your consultation or dental exam.

Tooth loss 

If you have suffered significant tooth loss, this option can still work for you! Compared to bridges or dentures, implants are usually a better option since they preserve the bone but maintain the same functions as regular teeth. Compared to bridgework, All-on-4 does not require any ‘grinding’ of the healthy teeth and doesn’t wear out over time. 

Bridges usually have a shorter lifespan than implants, which can last up to two decades if taken care of properly. While it is crucial to identify why tooth loss is happening, implants are an excellent place to start a new smile.

As with any surgery or procedure, discuss the best options for you with your dentist. Frequently, they are aware of your history and have records to indicate what choices may best suit your needs. This solution is a quick, low-maintenance method of restoring the use of your teeth, allowing you to enjoy foods and feel more comfortable. They offer an excellent alternative to dentures or bridges and can restore the confidence of your smile! 

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